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Who will win the 2018 Stanley Cup?


Who will win the 2018 Stanley Cup?  

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  1. 1. Who will win the 2018 Stanley Cup

    • Pittsburgh Penguins
    • Edmonton Oilers
    • Tampa Bay Lightning
    • Washington Capitals
    • Chicago Blackhawks
    • Minnesota Wild
    • Toronto Maple Leafs
    • Nashville Predators
    • Dallas Stars
    • Anaheim Ducks
    • Montreal Canadiens
    • New York Rangers
    • San Jose Sharks
    • Los Angeles Kings
    • Columbus Blue Jackets
    • Ottawa Senators
    • Boston Bruins
    • St. Louis Blues
    • Calgary Flames
    • other, who?

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8. Detroit Red Wings
7. Florida Panthers
6. Buffalo Sabres.
5. Ottawa Senators
4. Boston Bruins
3. Tampa Bay Lightning.
2. Montreal Canadiens.
1. Toronto Maple Leafs.


8. New Jersey Devils
7. New York Islanders
6. Philadelphia Flyers
5. Columbus Blue Jackets
4. New York Rangers
3. Carolina Hurricanes
2. Washington Capitals
1. Pittsburgh Penguins


7. Colorado Avalanche
6. Winnipeg Jets
5. Chicago Blackhawks
4. Minnesota Wild
3. St. Louis Blues
2. Nashville Predators
1. Dallas Stars


8. Vegas Golden Knights
7. Vancouver Canucks
6. LA Kings
5. San Jose Sharks
4. Arizona Coyotes
3. Calgary Flames
2. Anaheim Ducks
1. Edmonton Oilers


To make Rhöse happy --> Toronto wins the cup. 


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Have to say great post above @iSvamp, I do agree almost everything at teams divisional position in every div. I do believe that Jets will be higher then 2nd last, but darn that Central is tough diviosion and you can't totally count off Chicago, but there is change they might even collapse and miss the playoff. My team St Louis will be playoff spot again, but they will face Preds or Dallas in 2nd round and are out yet again.

I do agree 100% that Dallas will win the division. They had superb off-season and Hitch will be teaching guys how to play 200feet game.


My wild card for the Stanley Cup is Edmonton Oilers.

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