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  2. Free LD Looking for a startup position in Lite or Pro backup. Recent experience in Lite and Pro (backup). Available everyday and extremely motivated to win some games💥 OoRah https://sportsgamer.gg/players/9077#nhl Contact me here or Discord
  3. Hello! Free RD/G for upcoming tournaments. I have experience from lite. I'm searching team from core/ lite. Contact me here or psn: Janucek
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  5. Looking for experienced players to a brand new club for NHL24 ECL! Start from Neo/Core. This is a great opportunity for assembling a fresh team where everyone is hungry for climbing the ECL divisions. A little about me, I'm a 27 year old guy from Finland who's played EASHL for a few years now and hundreds of club games. Club ethos: We commit to regular practice and high activity We value everyone's time by adhering to schedules We treat both teammates and opponents with respect We are a team first and individual players second We strive for continuous improvement and long-term success We have fun - celebrate wins and learn from losses Club requirements: +18 years old, mature and respectful Participation in voice chat to be expected Location Finland, Sweden or other Nordic/Baltic country Experienced; Skill level is not everything, but solid fundamentals expected If you're interested, you can message me here or on discord where I go by "Casfin".
  6. HEYA! Let's make ECL team great again😜 experienced one n only true JOHTAJA is looking for new home to play NHL, former team's are Finnish Roosters, Monte Carlo, Children Of Ice, Resurrection i can play C / RW with me u get player who like to pass rather than shoot , quick sneeky moves which are sometimes controlled ...sometimes even man behind controller doesn't know what happen next... , playmaker who can be diffrence in both ends...and even sometimes if i get good enough pass i can score after missed 2 empty net... and i am very active on NHL all around year... ☝️ limited edition only one piece left 👆 JohtajaTheGreat - Player profile - SportsGamer psn: JohtajaTheGreat
  7. AMBRI ESPORTS ECL Core For the nexts leagues on nhl 24 (ECL core and GCL) we need to complete our roster. We are looking for: - 1 D (RD,LD or allrounder) - 1 goalie 50/50 - core level minimum We offer you: - fun first together - solid base team ( We have been playing together from 2 years ) - Rotation, no bench players No superstar queen, no children are allowed. If you are interested write me for a tryout. Thanks Josh
  8. Free goalie who misses the game is looking for a team to compete with. I can promise that I will try my best in every game to help the team win over the opponent. Also attend all practices and games. Give me a chance. I won't let you down.
  9. GOONS (Elite) looking for a highly motivated starting C or LW for the upcoming ECL seasons. If you're interested, send me a message on psn: tkantola or here.
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  11. Neptune Hockey We are looking for starter G and RD. Contact: @wiibeni@JakkeJynkky ja sama suomeks - kesä vietetty, röökiä vedetty ja nyt ois taas aika palata pikkuhiljaa sorville. Etsitään aloittavaan kokoonpanoon veskaa ja oikeeta pakkia. Tryouttei katellaan sitte syssymmällä ku uus äntty tulee. Slaidakkaa DM, jos haluatte tulla tuhoomaan.
  12. Free LW/C/RW (D) both handed. Looking for Lite or Pro team. Rotation is fine but no thanks for backup spot. Can play 20-00 Fin time most nights. https://sportsgamer.gg/players/286 Contact me here, discord: vilperi-90#9068 or PSN: vilperi-90
  13. Free player for next tuornaments starter 50/50 backup G I can play bothanded left/rigth psn:Slip91_
  14. SSK ESPORTS (pro qualifier) We will start our tryouts as soon as the new game is released. Mainly looking for Swedish and Finnish players Looking for a starting LW. To fit in our team you should be a team first kind of guy, who thinks both ends of the ice is equally important. But as a winger, of course you should always want to score goals and be hungry to win games. Looking for a G, to start off the season as 50/50 until we can decide who is the hottest one to finish the season with. We would love to have a goalie that works together and talk a lot with our other goalie. Who takes the competition the right way, a real team guy that is looking to develop individually and take the team to the next level. Also looking for backups at all positions, no ECL time will be guaranteed but probably a lot of practice normal evenings. Contact me here, at discord or at psn.
  15. SSK ESPORTS New roster: Sveti- @svetidaje (C) David_ovic @HambergD (A) pakjiz @pakjiz (A) amadee21 @amadee21 kussan82 @Kussan82 minokin @minokin strumpan87 @Strumpan87 TBA TBA TBA
  16. Free D looking for team. Core or maybe lite Contact me here or PSN: Tuulimylly91 https://nhlgamer.com/players/2564
  17. SportsGamers, The jubilee season of GCL action kicked off in mid-July and these passionate gamers have been going at it throughout the hot summer months to once again crown a champion of the DACH community. It's been the deal of the German record Champions of the Deadly Phantoms as they faced a new team on the block with HC Lugano eSports. The Swiss crowned themselves Cup Champions in the previous week and aimed for yet another big surprise in the GCL 10 Finals, too! After a big upset in the semifinals against ZSC Esports, the Bianconeri turned out to be a big challenge for any opponent in the league. Nevertheless the Phantoms managed to beat the Luganesi in six games and secured their 6th GCL Championship! Playoffs top-scorer Dominik @CashAllGreen Bellersheim was the hero that night as he scored the deciding OT GWG in Game 6 which eventually brought DPH back on top of the DACH community. Deadly Phantoms' road to the Championship: #2 seed with the record 26-2-2 Quarterfinals vs Hannover Indians eSports (#7) 4-1 Semifinals vs RB Munich eSports (#3) 4-2 Finals vs HC Lugano eSports (#4) 4-2 The winning roster: GOALTENDERS #1 Da @xEispiratx Ron #31 Patrick @RPH_31 Braun DEFENSEMEN #23 Maximilian @gzell60 Käsmaier #27 Frank @Franky__2768 Münch #63 Niklas @xXPsykoSkillsXx Schmitz FORWARDS #2 Paul @Pauner08 Weingart #11 Dominik @CashAllGreen Bellersheim #13 Stefan @Rayman Mieth #64 Felix @ProfaneKiss Kiss #72 Denis @CCBow-501 Roethele #81 Bastian @ali-kn Wolf On behalf of the whole community we want to thank all teams who participated in the GCL jubilee season and congratulate the Deadly Phantoms on their 6th Championship in their 9th German Championship League campaign. See you all next season! Kevin @Keuschemisch Berg
  18. SportsGamers, GCL 10 Division II Hockey has found their new Champion as well! We have seen an exciting seasons with many surprises, upsets and dominant performances! While the legendary Clowns on Ice and Black Sharks secured the top seeds in their respective groups it was two other teams clashing in the Division II Finals last week! Gleumes Hockey Krefeld faced TBA Soon in the SportsGamer DACH-Broadcast and the series went all the way: Game Seven Hockey Heaven! The newly formed squad around Kevin @Kevinator-373 Würterle kept their cool and secured the Division II Championship with a cheeky 1:0 shutout win in Game 7. Kevin @Asap_Kev231 Emmler layed the foundation to their success while especially ECL Pro experienced winger Jürgen @DangledYouOut Kloster secured the top-scoring title in the playoffs, scoring 33 goals and 30 assists in 21 postseason games. Swedish license player Adam @esdor Ericson played a big role in TBA Soons' road to the Championship. While the Swedish veteran only had four appearances in the Regular Season, Ericson played in every game in the Playoffs! TBA Soons' road to the Championship: #4 seed in Group 2 with the record 12-1-1 Round 1 vs Berliner Wolves 4-0 Quarterfinals vs EV Duisburg 4-2 Semifinals vs Huskies eSports 4-0 Finals vs Gleumes Hockey Krefeld 4-3 THE WINNING ROSTER: GOALTENDERS #29 Kevin @Asap_Kev231 Emmler DEFENSEMEN #17 Niklas @HOEFI_24 Hofmann #44 Pascal @MrKaahee Hain #77 Kevin @Kevinator-373 Würterle FORWARDS #10 Christoph @IiVAPOR100iI Stotz #15 Adam @esdor Ericson #42 Herve @frenchplayer92 Mendoza #71 Jürgen @DangledYouOut Kloster On behalf of the whole community we want to congratulate TBA Soon on their Division II Championship in the 10th jubilee season! Enjoy your break and see you next season in NHL24. Kevin @Keuschemisch Berg
  19. Free LW/RW Lite Starter role, free to play almost every night Contact for try Outs Discord: Lekxsa
  20. Free C / RW (G) For upcoming tournaments https://sportsgamer.gg/players/3639 Contact me here, psn or Discord: hoykkis
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