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  2. Shameful Knights (Lite qualifiers) We are URGENTLY looking for a starting RD for the qualifiers. You will play in all of the qualifier games. After the qualifiers the RD position will be 50/50 between you and our other D-man, performance based. Requirements: -Don't be a toxic person -Be active Contact me for a spot ASAP(!!) here or on PSN: Ollizhki
  3. Mora IK In: @Fidelvv @karlsson_adam11 @broken rice @albin tinglert @topetsi @Diizzylicious @jBoulder-mClump Out: @Hokiboi18 @devilfish333 @mewn73 @Allupekkaz Welcome in to team, and good luck for you other guys see you on the ice!
  4. Hello! Free G for ECL! One of the best goalie of Russian community. You can invite me for a game, to see how i play PSN: iStrong_rus Please, write me in PSN
  5. Man, have you ever tried Tinder? 900 matches, but only 1 response 😆
  6. LIONS ACADEMY 🦁 IN: @JLopatko aka SnipeLVcelly8 Last piece to the puzzle. Welcome to the team, Juris!
  7. The look from beneath the mask. I would like to congratulate the Golden Sticks team for the successful start of the qualifying round. In two games out of 4 possible points, the team managed to get 3, in the second game only in extra time losing to Karmadillos with a score of 1-2. In the first match, which ended with a victory of the team, representing the now banned RCL, the rivals from Karmadillos though managed to outscore their opponent almost twice, but they did not take into account the fact that in the gate that night the Sticks perfectly played Romanych13 (Igor Romanov), who reflected 12 shots out of 14. Karmadillos goalie Moneygunx (Money Gun) wasn't nearly as good in the game, missing four of eight shots. The goalie prostolike (Maxim Gontsov) and SteBastian (Stepan Beliakov) were excellent. The former scored three times (hey, guys, that's a hat trick) and the latter had four assists. Team captain ZiGi-LV (Artjoms Kuvsinovs) equalized the score after sitting out the penalty minutes, thus triggering a goal "avalanche" of his team. Getting a little ahead, I can say that in the second game ZiGi-LV (Artjoms Kuvsinovs) was not removed, and his Golden Sticks lost. Guys, think about the behavior of your captain. Make him remove himself at the beginning of the game. It will be angrier. ))) The second game was more equal and therefore more dynamic. Everyone threw and threw a lot. Both goalies played with confidence. Goalie Karmadillos Moneygunx (Money Gun) proved to be slightly more fortunate, leading his team to victory in overtime. Artem didn't get a penalty. The team didn't score much. Romanych13 (Igor Romanov) - the beast! Keep up the good work! Good luck to you, Golden Sticks!!! Give Artem a penalty at the beginning of every game and then you`ll win! ))
  8. Start ECL '23: WINTER - LITE QUALIFIER - STAGE 1 (25.11.2022) Game 1: versus LIONS ACADEMY (Visitors). Lose 0-5 Game 2: versus LIONS ACADEMY (Home). Lose 1-5 The beginning of the qualifying tournament was a terrible experience for me. Not only did I play very poorly myself, but I let the whole team down with my very, very poor performance. I don't know what happened, but in the two games I played against LIONS ACADEMY, I missed practically every puck that came or went and crawled toward my goal. My teammates tried to help me in any way they could, but it was all in vain. I sunk myself and dragged them down with me. All of this in no way detracts from the excellent play of the LIONS ACADEMY guys. They were very good. So good, in fact, that I realized I wasn't exactly a mediocre goalie in this game. I'm somewhere around the entry level. Between bad and very bad. Which means there's still a lot of work and learning to do. It is embarrassing and offensive to the players of my team that because of me they lost in the first two games. I would like to apologize to all of them and promise that I will continue to work on my game. As for the short summaries of the games, I can say about the first one: 41 seconds into the match the captain of the opposing team xCocii (Kirby Dach) scored the first goal against me, as a result of good team attacking actions. This was the winning goal, despite 4 more goals scored against me. The goal was scored by captain xCocii (Kirby Dach) and IiVAPOR100iI (Christoph Stotz) in a perfectly playful opponent. Each of them also managed to get two assists for their account, which brought them 4 points in total in the first game. Only ePsych0- (Alexander Forsberg) wasn't much better at scoring, although he scored only once, but assisted three times. He was the only "roughneck" on both teams. ))) Apparently he was trying to liven up the game for himself. ) LIONS ACADEMY CestQuiLuiiii (Pierre Lerouge) goalie made a shutout in the first game, reflecting 2 shots in his goal. In the second game xCocii (Kirby Dach) and IiVAPOR100iI (Christoph Stotz), apparently so synchronized in the first game that they not only scored the same number of points (3), but did it in the same manner - scoring once and assisting twice. But ePsych0- (Alexander Forsberg) repeated the success of his teammates from the last game and managed to score twice and act as a playmaker himself in this one. That's what I call team spirit! )) CestQuiLuiiii (Pierre Lerouge) had a little more work than in the first match. Instead of two shots on goal, they shot as many as 10. This fivefold increase made it the second time in a row that CestQuiLuiiii (Pierre Lerouge) was unable to keep his goal intact. But, nevertheless, he, as well as the entire LIONS ACADEMY team, played incredibly. Fought like lions. And I... I became the sheep that they mauled. Good luck to you guys, Lions! Thank you for the games and the lesson I learned and will continue to learn from them. You guys are awesome!
  9. Predators (Central Server) Looking for Right Wing (2nd pos C or Lw) and Goalie 50/50. We will participate ECL Core, we're a newer team, but many of us have known each other for a long time and played a lot together. You should be an easy going guy with a decent amount of ambition. You basically understand the game on a higher level. Minimum Player-Level Top Core/Lite. Our first season goal is to move up to Lite. The Teamlicense will be taken over by the captains, since you will belong to the starters you only need the player license. Just hit me up me for a tryout. Here or Discord: LTorro_#4340
  10. I’m a free agent, I play RW,c and RD , can play the left side but not goalies. looking for a chill club that has mic but doesn’t need to. reply here or discord: Herbi#9324 Europe
  11. Im 25yo finnish player who is looking for new team for upcoming tournaments. Im looking for core/lite teams. I hope that i can find long-term team rather than one season. I can play lw/c/rw/rd. I can play everyday 18-22 expect wednesday (18-21) Finnish time. If you are interested message me here or psn: BlazingKnight83 or discord: BlazingKnight83#3037
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  13. Free backup D for upcoming tournaments Contact here or psn
  14. Free RD for next ecl. Contact me here or Psn Janucek
  15. SportsGamers, With the new ECL '23 Winter season at the doorstep, we are happy to announce the first-ever ECL 1v1. In true ECL fashion, this league is for all the best European gamers to test their skills against their peers, and ultimately compete for a great prize pool and the European Championship League title. Description ECL 1v1 is for players who want to test their skills against the best of the best in competitive play. The ECL 1v1 Winter season features four qualifiers, leading to group play with the top 128 players of these qualifiers involved. The top 64 of the group stage will continue to determine the best of the best in the best-of-three playoffs with a prize pool totaling 2500€. Taking part in the ECL 1v1 seasons requires the purchase of the ECL '23 Player License. Format The league is played in three stages: Stage 1: Qualifier stage (BO1, single elimination) - Four qualifiers open to anyone, the top 32 players from each Qualifier advance to stage 2, with seeding baskets for stage 2 being determined by qualifier rank. Stage 2: Group play (BO1) - The top 128 players will be seeded into eight groups with 16 players each, the 8 best will advance to the playoffs from each group. Stage 3: Playoffs (BO3, single elimination) - The Semifinals and Finals will be played live at the SportsGamer offices in Espoo, Finland January 13th, 2023. ECL '23 Winter: 1v1 Schedule Qualifier 1 Sign up period 15.-25.11.2022 Qualifiers (BO1) Saturday 26.11. RO128: 16:00CET RO64: 17:00CET RO32: 17:30CET Sunday 27.11. RO16: 15:00CET RO8: 15:30CET RO4: 16:00CET RO2: 16:30CET Qualifier 2 Sign up period 15.- 2.12.2022 Qualifiers (BO1) Saturday 3.12. RO512: 16:00CET RO256: 17:00CET RO128: 17:30CET RO64: 18:00CET RO32: 18:30CET Sunday 4.12. RO16: 15:00CET RO8: 15:30CET RO4: 16:00CET RO2: 16:30CET Qualifier 3 Sign up period 15.-9.12.2022 Qualifiers (BO1) Saturday 10.12. RO512: 16:00CET RO256: 17:00CET RO128: 17:30CET RO64: 18:00CET RO32: 18:30CET Sunday 11.12 RO16: 15:00CET Quarterfinals: 15:30CET Semifinals: 16:00CET Finals: 27.11. 16:30CET Qualifier 4 Sign up period 15.11-16.12.2022 Qualifiers (BO1) Saturday 17.12 RO512: 16:00CET RO256: 17:00CET RO128: 17:30CET RO64: 18:00CET RO32: 18:30CET Sunday 18.12 RO16: 15:00CET Quarterfinals: 15:30CET Semifinals: 16:00CET Finals: 16:30CET TOP 128 Group Play (BO1) Tuesday 27.12. R1: 18:00 R2: 18:30 R3: 19:00 R4: 19:30 Thursday 29.12. R5: 18:00 R6: 18:30 R7: 19:00 R8: 19:30 Friday 30.12. R9: 18:00 R10: 18:30 R11: 19:00 R12: 19:30 Tuesday 3.1. R13: 18:00 R14: 18:30 R15: 19:00 Playoffs (BO3) Friday 6.1. RO64: 18:00CET RO32: 19:30CET Sunday 8.1. RO16: 15:00CET Quarterfinals: 16:30CET Friday 13.1. @ the SportsGamer studio in Espoo, Finland Semifinals: 18:00CET Finals: 20:00CET
  16. I'm probably on the wrong track here but for some folks it could look like that this tournament is financed with the newly charged fees for ECL teams and players. In any case, you might reconsider your PR strategy.
  17. Mmmm should go play nacl still free and little higher ping but free without license payments 👍
  18. Welcome back to SportsGamer, North America! With the NHL esports competitive season ramping up, the time has now come for us to return to North American soil and launch one of the most exciting leagues of the year. The NACL is making a return for its third season, now following a similar system to that of the ECL with a Winter and a Spring season over the course of a competitive year. A lot of time has passed since the last NACL season, when Vertigo hoisted the cup back in May of 2020. Since then, a lot has changed and new contenders have emerged, who will be the ones to rise to the top and play their way to the fabled World Finals?   NACL '23 Winter will be completely free-to-play and no license will be required to participate. The Winter season will be played in one division featuring crossplay and cross-console availability. Please note that the entire team must be on the same console. Leading into the Spring season we are looking to implement a divisional system similar to that of the ECL and gradually monetize the league. NACL Winter will serve as a ranking basis for future tournaments and seasons, so this is where teams can make their mark and solidify their position in the divisional ladder. For the most effective communication over the course of the season, and quick access to all news related to the league, join the SportsGamer Discord here! Remember to assign a NACL role for yourself to be able to access the league channel.   Introducing the biggest combined prize pool in NHL 6v6 history NACL '23 Winter will be featuring one division with a prize pool of 6 000€, with an additional 6 000€ up for grabs in the World Finals. In total, the ECL, NACL and the World Finals feature a prize pool of 36 000€ (just under 37 000 USD with today's exchange rates), which is the highest combined prize pool in NHL 6v6 history!   The NACL is our North American counterpart to our longest running league - the ECL. With two seasons of experience in the North American market in the rearview, we have taken a step back and evaluated our successes and shortcomings for a new and improved approach. NACL offers 6v6 competition for both Xbox and PlayStation teams in order to secure a possibility for everyone to participate.  Regional restrictions: NACL is a North American tournament format, however, we do not necessarily exclude players located in Europe, or Asia. A North American server will always be used. In case of severe connection issues, we reserve the right to exclude teams or players. Teams must be based in North America.   Individual requirements: Each player needs to have an account at SportsGamer.GG and create their personal player card.   Rules: The NACL ‘23 Winter ruleset will follow the same foundation as the ECL. The updated rulebook will be available before the season.   World Finals Qualifier: The winner of the NACL will face off against the European champions in Helsinki, Finland! Flights from an international airport and lodging will be covered for the six members who will be playing. Please have your passport ready should your team qualify. (If a player on the qualifying team is under the age of 18, they will be required to bring along a parent/guardian at their own expense) Format NACL '23 Winter will be played in one division open for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S teams. In the regular season teams will be split into groups, where every team faces each other in a double-header. The amount of groups and how many teams will qualify for the playoffs will depend on number of signups. Playoffs will be best-of-seven series in every round. The Challenge System (top seeds choose their opponents) will be used for the first round of the Playoffs. In case the Playoff format is set up where the top seeds receive a first round bye, the Challenge System will be used in the second round instead. NACL features default gamedays on Thursday and Sunday with two weekly broadcasts on the SportsGamer Twitch-channel over the course of the entire season. Teams that will not be featured in a broadcast on any given week will be allowed to flexibly reschedule their games in cooperation with their opponents.    Schedule Sign-up period: 11.24.2022-12.8.2022 Regular season: 12.11.2022-1.5.2023 Playoffs: 1.12.2023-2.12.2022 World Finals: 2.25.2023 @ Assembly Winter 2023 in Helsinki, Finland                *While sign-ups are separate for both consoles, NACL '23 Winter will be played cross-platform. As the first ever World Finals in the history of 6v6 NHL esports, we ask that you support the event as best you can on social media, Twitch broadcasts, and however else you can so we all can do our best and make this become an even bigger event in the future! Please be sure to tag @SportsGamerGG and use the #SGWorldFinals and #NACL23Winter in all your social media communication.   
  19. Gigantti was just advertising that they have some quantities available, so I would recommend asking them as well. The waiting time should be significantly lower than some time ago.
  20. Free agent LW. Any level message me here for details.
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