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  2. 17 y.o Free G. Looking for a team for ECL I agree to the role of the second goalkeeper. I am ready to learn and progress discord: vanyawy psn: vanyawy_72
  3. TEAM FOR ECL?!?!?💦 Preferably forward > can play D-man also Any level, I don't care; let's play!🤑 Godtier backup player 💥 Twitter
  4. Up! Looking for winger. Starter is possible too.
  5. This Saturday, April 20th, the Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre will become the epicenter of Finnish virtual hockey as it hosts the electrifying finals of the NHL 24 Finnish Championship. SportsGamers unite! This is your chance to witness the crème de la crème of Finnish eHockey competitors as they battle for the national title in what promises to be a day filled with high-stakes digital action.   Dual Competitions, Twice the Excitement The day will feature two formats: the 1v1 and 6v6 competitions. In the 1v1 category, four top players will face off in the semifinals. Watch Väinö @Pikkarii Pikkarainen take on Niklas @NikkeDangles Tukiainen and Teemu @temppanen Karvonen challenge Sisu @sisu33_ Nurminen. The winners will battle it out for the championship title in a must-see finale. Not to be outdone, the 6v6 team format will also see its top contenders fight for glory. The bronze match pits the Polski Boys against Tunnel Vision, while the grand finale will see Parasite (formerly hREDS) go head-to-head with Straikers. Each team is geared up to deliver a performance that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Limited Access, Act Fast! The eHockey SM 2024 finals will take place in the Experience Lounge of the Exhibition Centre, coinciding with the popular Child and Food Fairs. Due to the expected crowd and the exclusive nature of the event, access is limited. However, you might still grab a free ticket if you act quickly. Ensure your spot by filling out the form here:  https://forms.gle/z8DrmeUw6LZPrFdm7  (If you don't speak Finnish, but you want to join the event, please send a private message to @Kenu. ​​​​​​​ Can’t Make It? Tune In Live! If you can’t join us in person, don’t worry. You can still catch all the action live via the SportsGamer Twitch channel. Renowned esports commentator Arttu "Olvari" Hämäläinen will be bringing the live thrills, both at the venue and online. This Saturday promises not just to be a game day but an unforgettable gathering of sports gaming enthusiasts. Ready your spirit, cheer for your favorites, and witness the mastery of virtual hockey at its best. See you at the eHockey SM 2024 finals or online — game on!
  6. This week we've launched the newest season of the biggest eHockey tournament in all of Europe. A lot of you (and us!) have been waiting for the season to start and now the wait is over, so fire up those smartphones, laptops, and gaming consoles and start playing and watching the action! In this preview we’ll take a look at a few teams and of course, a few individuals who will be playing in the second-highest tier of the European Championship League ladder, which is the highly coveted ECL Pro. Group 1 Teams to challenge for the title: Herlev Eagles This team has taken large strides from a few years back when they scraped to make the playoffs in the Pro division, after playing Elite qualifiers just a few days ago and not quite making it must be a bitter feeling, but the Eagles are back and ready to challenge for the title with Danish superstar Vibholm leading the way in offense! Player to watch: @vibholm10 Mustaa Kultaa Another team that almost made it to Elite. This should come as no surprise as former Lite Champions are making a push for the title. With a good mix of young talent and long-time Pro veterans in their team, this squad can make some noise this season. Player to watch: @LatveX Team to make the playoffs: RYHTIC With a change in scenery for this team it parts ways with its long-time sponsor RCTIC, the team stays together for another year, always seems to make the playoffs, and challenges those top teams in Pro and Elite. Player to watch: @Limbe65 Team on the line: NOVA This Russian lead team made some noise last season with the number 8 seed and playing well in the 1st round of the playoffs. With big praise from last year's winning team Gotham, this team needs this push to get a better seed than last year. Player to watch: @Nester4343 Relegation battle: Neptune Hockey This team seems to find a new division from time to time, hopefully they can stick it to this washed up writer, and make a push for the playoffs. Neptune has struggled in the Pro division most years and this year is no exception, this team can not seem to string together enough wins to push for playoffs. Player to watch: @Zeikmaar Dark Horse: Vizio With a good-looking run in the eHockey SM (Finnish Championships) this year, Vizio has made some noise with beating some good teams this offseason and not solely relying on their captain to win them some games, but if they can't find that eHockey SM form, it can be a long season for them. Player to watch: @Jetsu28 Group 2 Teams to challenge for the title: POGGERS With a few seasons surviving in Elite, they couldnt battle Björklöven for a spot this year, former Pro champions can make a lot of teams unhappy with their veteran players still shining. Look for this team to want to make it back next season. Player to watch: @JaKurrii Södertälje SK With a new roster formed, they have that something, that flair you look for in teams that go far in the playoffs, with captain @svetidaje getting busy in the offseason and recruiting far and wide, this could be their year if they can find chemistry on the ice. Player to watch: @amadee21 Team to make the playoffs: Supernatural A team with an interesting past, saying this team has had its ups and downs is an understatement. But now they seem to have found a nice-looking roster with good players in all positions, they can surprise a lot of teams with how they approach this new season. Player to watch: @MrNipsuli Team on the line: TikiTalk With a team as legendary as this, it’s going to be a coin toss if this team makes the playoffs this season. A difficult group with a lot of experience, and their reliance on a guy that everyone knows, can make it difficult to get those important wins they need. Player to watch: @NuariJamal Relegation battle: Ice Scream While looking at a lot of talent in group 2, this team will find it very difficult to scrap together points this season, with not a lot of experience in the Pro division they will be looking to make some magic happen to avoid relegation. Player to watch: @TeemuUnderdawg Dark Horse: Otukset One might say this team has all the talent in the world to make it to the playoffs, even make a run for the title, some might say this team has a tendency to choke when games get tough, this experienced team will have to avoid a rollercoaster season, but look for them to steal some points from the top teams. Player to watch: @Roisto999 Do you agree with the predictions, or did the writer miss the net? What are your predictions for how the season will go? Let us know in the comments!
  7. @lumberjackss hc need a goalie for ecl neo really fast dm me if you’re interested
  8. Free D for upcoming tournaments. Old PSN Rottaboy93. Lite only. Contact me here or PSN: Rottapoika93
  9. Team Devilz new arriving - bienvenue Herve @frenchplayer92✍️🔥 Roster ECL Pro - Spring 2024 @Berty @frenchplayer92 @TuomoP83 @Chara 33 @KinQjuusto @sir_sniper @LTorro @Lilka_90 @SNIPER_SNAIL_VB
  10. Mustaa Kultaa (Pro) Looking for all around backup player We guarantee some games Contact me here or psn jaageri_
  11. It same us all on pro n elite ,best will still be best And life’s go on, decicion is maked so we can live with that, right? Nobody is gonna die cause of that? after this season we can discus more how we feel about ban traits. So maybe we just Play, it is ea sports. tack och hej yours JohtajaTheGreat
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  13. In the previous Elite '24: Winter season, we witnessed a mix of triumphs, setbacks, and surprises. Ultimately, the deserving champion was hREDS (now known as Valokuitunen Esports). Tunnel Vision pushed hREDS to the limit, extending the series to a thrilling game seven. One of the most unexpected developments was Goons maintaining their status in "no man's land," avoiding relegation matches against Pro teams and thus securing their Elite spot. Now, let's shift our focus from the past to the upcoming season. Here are some notable highlights and predictions: EXEN (formerly JYP) has made strategic replacements, recruiting @xAaro89x from Heimo and @Mozjayh from the hREDS bench. This season marks Mozjayh's debut as a right defenseman, an interesting transition for a player from a triple back-to-back ECL-winning background. xAaro89x has long been hailed as a potential star capable of carrying his team deep into the playoffs, though previous seasons have fallen short of expectations. This season, EXEN must advance further than the first round, which will require significantly more impact from team captain @indi969 than last season's six playoff games of no points. Tunnel Vision faces what might be their 'last dance' as rumors suggest the team might disband with a player joining the military. They enter ECL '24 Spring with a slightly altered lineup, featuring attackers @Vattuyy, @Laiitinen, and @Pikkardz. The trio is undoubtedly talented, yet concerns linger about their defensive dedication, particularly with the introduction of a new center. However, defensemen @tomboo- and @Wengeri are exceptionally solid in their own end, perhaps compensating for any lapses up front. Valokuitunen Esports (ex-hREDS) are the favorites to win the ECL again, with star players @Beniittto and @NikkeDangles ready to dazzle. Newcomer @pikkuroger might fill @Vilupoika's shoes or possibly end up alongside @KingOfApes_ on the bench. Straikers have consistently ranked high but have yet to claim the ECL title since their last win under the FILADELPHIA banner in 2021.. New addition @temppanen, proven in 1vs1 battles but untested in 6vs6, could be the final piece they need. He joins from Mayhems, bringing a new dynamic to the team that includes strong defense and excellent goaltenders @Hansulinho and @uhNikke. Vesa Pompa – often overlooked despite consecutive semifinal appearances in the ECL. Why aren't they considered a top-four team? The issue seems to be a lack of standout individual skill, with exceptions like @antoniomannen004, who blends skill with game intelligence. Questions also surround the defense, though rookie standout @pappeen- made an impressive debut last season. Despite occasional lapses, goalie @kkostiiii remains one of the best at stopping breakaways. Having just covered my expectations for the top teams in Elite, let's now quickly explore some other intriguing teams and their acquisitions. First up, Björklöven, where @Kallmanius has really invested in building a highly competitive team. This season, the squad includes @x-_-BoBi-_-x, @vilppijoona, and @koleslaav_, with @zMikkeez and @WeDuX_ anchoring the defense. On paper, this is a skilled team. The big question mark will be how vilppijoona and @WeDuX_ manage defensively against the top teams. As a member of Unwanted, I can report that @xLeikku will not be playing next season, with @Launonexx stepping in to fill his role. Leikku has left big shoes to fill, but impressive performances are expected from the former Mustaa Kultaa captain in his standout rookie Elite season. The same goes for @karlssonadam_, who has been recruited from Purification and is gearing up for his first season in the Elite. Polski Boys’ lineup has remained unchanged. The team is counting on significant contributions from last season's Comeback Player of the Year, @jm98II, who is a key offensive force. It would be a major disappointment if they didn’t make the playoffs. Russian player @W1nchester_62 has stepped up as the first-choice goalkeeper. Purification is filled with young, hungry Swedish players, brimming with skill and the drive to grind. There have been some positional shifts from last season, with @bystrom___ moving from center to defense. The team plays fearlessly and on their best days, can challenge many of the Elite teams. This season promises intense competition and potential new champions in the Elite '24: Spring season. Keep an eye on these teams and players as they battle for supremacy in the ECL. What are your predictions for how the season will go? Let us know in the comments!
  14. Neo team HC Total Chaos looking for goalie in Finland or Sweden
  15. Free G. Looking for a team for ECL (neo/lite/pro) I agree to the role of the second goalkeeper. I am ready to learn and progress discord: vanyawy psn: vanyawy_72
  16. Thanks for writing this feedback @l-Furyan-l - we realize this was not handled to the standard we want to hold ourselves up to. We will be reaching out to Pro and Elite teams to confirm the opinion of each team.
  17. SportsGamers, The newest update to the ECL '24: Spring rulebook is now live and can be accessed through the league pages. Generally speaking, the rulebook is a revised and improved version of the rulebook used in ECL '24 Winter. Find the new rulebook here. Here's a snapshot of some of the major adjustments / additions compared to ECL ‘24: Winter: 11.7.: Player ability bans have been added and are being continuously evaluated. 9.2.1: Timeouts are now allowed under the right circumstances. 11.1: Period length clarified as 4 minutes, now that it is adjustable in the game. We ask every team and it's members to familiarize themselves with the rulebook before taking the ice for the ECL '23 Spring season. Please refer to the rulebook in case of any issues that may arise throughout the season. In case of any questions, please be in touch with support. An update regarding player ability bans As an update regarding the information released yesterday, we can confirm that after internal discussion and examination of the poll results, we will be tweaking the trait ban list - unless the poll completely turns around in the coming days, of course. There's still time to contribute - so get your votes in! Elite & Pro: Truculence, Big Tipper, and Unstoppable Force will be banned for the first week of the season. Captains from these divisions will however be sent a message asking for the team's opinion on whether they want these traits to be unbanned for later weeks. Lite & Core: Truculence, Big Tipper, and Unstoppable Force will be banned from week two onwards for the ongoing ECL season. Neo: No trait bans While we appreciate that players from differing divisions would prefer rules to be applied evenly, we believe that offering the opportunity for Elite & Pro players to make their voices heard (just as Lite & Core players have been able to) is the right thing to do – even if that means enacting a different trait ban list. Ultimately however, this situation was not handled up to the standard expected and as such we will investigate how we can improve upon our communication and ability to get information out to you the players in a timely fashion.
  18. Team Devilz - ECL Pro Currently, we're on the lookout for an experienced Ld someone who has already showcased their talent in the top leagues. In our team, we foster a culture of unity and collaboration to achieve success together. Interested individuals can reach out here @LTorro @TuomoP83 or @Berty Discord: LTorro_ / The_-_Berty / Tuomo
  19. Ice Scream (Pro) Etsitään 50/50 mokkea. Psn: stretsii
  20. SCB eSports is looking for a RW or a RD. We play in Lite. Contact me here...
  21. Sportsgamer Community, A total of 12 teams competed in Division I at the start of GCL 11 to secure the coveted title as the best team in the DACH region. In addition to ECL elite team Black Jacks, the three big favorites for the title - defending champions Deadly Phantoms and cup winners HC Lugano eSports - were known in advance. After a few exciting weeks, the decision has now been made: The Black Jacks got their revenge for last season and reclaimed the championship after six thrilling games against the defending champions. The main round After just 22 games played in the main round, the Black Jacks secured the best starting point for the knockout phase. Their only defeat of the season came against the Nürnberg IceTigers eSports after extra time with a 1-2 loss. The Deadly Phantoms also snatched a point in an overtime win. The result was 63 out of a possible 66 points, which put the fear of God into all opponents after the main round. They were followed by the Deadly Phantoms by a whopping 12 points, who also lived up to their role as favorites and made it into the playoffs without much trouble. Nuremberg, HC Lugano eSports, Red Bull Munich, and SC Bern also qualified directly for the quarter-finals. After the pre-playoffs, DEG eSports (7th) and Hockeyholics (9th) followed. The Playoffs Without any surprises, the favorites kept the upper hand in all series. The Black Jacks and Phantoms swept their rivals and advanced to the next round after just four games, while Nuremberg lost two close games to SC Bern but put in a very strong performance throughout and recorded clear victories. Munich was already leading 3:1 in their clash against HC Lugano, but then completely lost the plot and let the series slip out of their grasp, with the better-placed team coming out on top here too. In the semi-finals, the Black Jacks took revenge on their compatriots for their elimination in the previous season. Four out of six games were decided by just one goal, meaning that the games were always exciting and remained open until the end. Although Lugano fought fiercely, the Black Jacks' individual class ultimately prevailed, enabling them to secure their ticket to the final with a 4:2 win and take revenge on their rivals. In comparison, the second semi-final match was surprisingly clear-cut: The Deadly Phantoms progressed to the final round with a 4:0 win and thus remained unbeaten in the playoffs. The defending champions showed with strong results (2:1 OT, 4:2, 4:1, 7:2) that they are a force to be reckoned with in the final. The Final The final series between the two DACH legends starts on Monday, 1 April. The Black Jacks took a 2:1 lead in the first three games of the series. After a solid 3:0 for the Black Jacks, a rather close 2:1 followed. The Deadly Phantoms took advantage of this close game and were able to win game three with a goal by @willywonkaaa in overtime. Both teams relied on their defense and their goal-getters at all times and it was clear to every spectator that this would not only be an incredibly exciting final series but that both opponents would certainly not make it easy for each other. The grand final then culminated on Wednesday evening and the remaining games were played. However, the Black Jacks came up trumps there, only dropping one more game to reclaim the championship after a title-less season. The defending champions, the Deadly Phantoms, were only able to secure game 5 and challenge their opponents in a final thrilling game. Tim @Timasy Hess was the guarantor of success here, scoring both goals to send the Black Jacks to the title! The final series thus ended 5:2 in favor of the Black Jacks. Guaranteed Success Both in the regular season (113 points) and in the playoffs (41 points), Kevin @Keuschemisch Berg secured the top scorer title and was thus the driving force in the Black Jacks' strong offense. At the same time, captain Max @Toneee9 Tonitz followed his example with the defenders and added a further 46 points in the main round and 22 points in the knockout phase, closely followed by defense partner Christian @GERxVillain Ungeheuer (40 & 16 points). After a solid main round (86.73% save percentage, 1.08 GAA), Simeon @Simbanho Vorselman backed up his defencemen in goal, especially in the playoffs, where he even went one better statistically with a save percentage of over 88% and the same goals against average, while Johan @McSavid Rundqvist achieved even better stats in his 10 main round appearances (90.72% save percentage, 0.9 GAA). Conclusion Accepting the role of favorites and leaving no doubt: The Black Jacks are currently the measure of all things in the DACH region and deservedly secured the championship title as well as the double after winning the cup. Not only are the statistics of all team members outstanding across the board, but the new title winners rarely left any doubt about the outcome of a game. Even after setbacks, the Black Jacks were not fazed and bid a fitting farewell to Sven @Original-SnuS Julmi's last season for the club with the title. Here are the two GMs' opinions for you: Deadly Phantoms, Denis @CCBow-501 Roethele: "On the whole, the result of the final series is perfectly acceptable. The Black Jacks deserved to win thanks to their individual class and a strong goalie. It doesn't help that we were behind in every game except for Game 5 and were chasing a deficit." The Black Jacks, Kevin @Keuschemisch Berg: "First of all, congratulations to the Phantoms on another fantastic season. Represented in every final since GCL 2, 6 championship titles - nothing more needs to be said. All in all, we are very happy to win our 4th championship. In GCL 10 last summer, the whole team was a bit out of steam at the end of the season. It's all the better that we're now "back on top" and have been able to utilize our full skillset, even after our strong season in the ECL'24 Winter Elite. We were able to secure seed #1 in the regular season. Our defense was solid and our offense got rolling from day 1. In the playoffs, of course, there's a different wind and you tend to come from an organized defense. In the semi-final in particular, we wanted to take revenge for last season, which we did very well. In the final, it was clear to everyone on the team that we wanted to give Sven Julmi his 4th GCL title as a farewell present. And as in the previous three finals against the Phantoms, we were able to impose our game and, in my opinion, more than deserved to win the series in our favor. Special praise to our goalie tandem. Simba with 3 shutouts in the final - I don't think that happens too often. And at this point, a big thank you to Sven for all the years as captain, as well as Tschitsch for all his time at ZSC eSports and The Black Jacks, especially since he helped out again this season as right-wing in important games!" Congratulations from our side on winning the title again and the double! Daniel @DangerBrooklyn Göpfert
  22. German Ice Gladiators are your GCL 11 Division II Champions! SportsGamers Community, as always Division II Hockey was played in the DACH area, too. And it is fair to say that the Goliaths of the second-highest Division prevailed and were crowned Champions last week! The German Ice Gladiators battled until the very end to gain promotion to Division I for the next GCL 12! The squad around former DEG eSports Captain Daniel @DangerBrooklyn Göpfert finished as seed #2 in the regular season. A record of 15-0-1-2 brought them the Round 1 Matchup against the Flying Elbows from Cologne. The experienced squad around playoffs topscorer Alex @Fire_019 Eder (20GP, 30G+34A) steamrolled their opponent and paved their way to the semis with yet another sweep over RAIDERS HC. While the Gladiators conceded their first postseason loss in the round of the last four, their individual skillset proved to be too strong as they beat the legendary EV Duisburg in five games. In the other bracket, we have seen quite a few surprises. The Nürnberg Niddhoggr who started as seed #10 into the playoffs managed to course a big upset as they beat Huskies eSports as well as #1 seed Black Sharks in six games! This means they would gain promotion to Division I and face the Gladiators in the Championship series! As expected we have seen a thrilling final between two talented teams. And we were not let down by that series. Game 7 Hockey Heaven! After six tight matchups including two overtime games, the Gladiators found their rhythm right in time. With a 3-0 lead after the first period they gave the Niddhoggr no time and space for a spectacular comeback. A game 7 shutout for Thomas @Brndi Brndi as the ancient fighters scored 6 to crown themselves GCL 11 Division II Champs! On behalf of the whole Community SportsGamer congratulates the German Ice Gladiators on their Division II Championship but also the Nürnberg Niddhoggr to a fantastic underdog story in the postseason! Black Sharks Captain Sascha @Sascha_1998 Fülscher finished as the regular season's top scorer with 47 goals and 50 assists in 21 games played. We wish all participating teams good luck in the upcoming ECL'24 Spring season. In the following, we talked to the captains about their respective playoff runs 👇 German Ice Gladiators, Daniel @DangerBrooklyn Göpfert 🎙️ First of all congratulations to the Nürnberg Nidhoggr to a great regular season followed by an even more impressive playoff performance. We knew that the finals would be a tough and tight challenge especially due to our regular season matchup against Nürnberg. Their NZ trap really put us into big trouble back then. Thanks to Thomas @Brndi Brndi and his three shutouts, he paved the way to our title this time. We know exactly the worth of his performances and he gave us a chance to win every game at any time thanks to his work between the pipes. The last game was a big relief. After we managed to gain the lead everything felt way more easy. Everyone on the virtual ice became more confident and since Nürnberg had to pressure us we got more space, especially in the offensive zone. It definitely was the perfect finals series and hard-fought at any second. We are really looking forward to the upcoming GCL 12 Division I campaign! Nürnberg Nidhoggr, Michi @R10_MichiL2 Prinke 🎙️ After a rather streaky regular season that we finished on rank 5 in our group, our goal for the playoffs was clear: we want to cause upsets and get as far as possible. The Sweep against Team Infernus, the 7-game drama against the Huskies, and especially the victory in the semifinals over seed #1 Black Sharks was absolutely mental. Nobody expected those performances from us after that kind of regular season. The final against the German Ice Gladiators was something we all looked forward to. Due to the promotion after going to the finals, our goal was to be as uncomfortable to play against as we can be. Never back down and always believe in yourselves at any point in time. After being down 1-2 we fought back and forced game 7. Unfortunately with the better end for our opponent. Nevertheless, we look back to a successful and amazing season and we are more than happy to try to prevail among the best in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland next season. Once again we congratulate the German Ice Gladiators on their Championship in Division II! Congratulations to the German Ice Gladiators! Kevin @Keuschemisch Berg & Max @maqareal Kattinger
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