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  3. Free F/D for the next ECL. Contact here or Discord tromi13#1367 https://sportsgamer.gg/players/3483#nhl
  4. Hey, Black Sharks looking Fire new Players to complete our squad for the upcoming ECL. 1 C/W 1 LV/RV 1 G What we want: - Experience ECL GCL min. Core - reliability - team player - ambition - Communication on and off the ice What we offer: - ECL GCL participation - communication via WhatsApp & Discord - regular training sessions 3-5x week - fun playing and a good atmosphere within the team, so no room for quarrels ! - a healthy will to win - international german/slovakia/czech Feel free to contact me or for a tryout if you are interested 🙂
  5. New team Red Goblins still looking for new players. 1-2 F 1-2 D 50/50 or backup G
  6. TUPSUKORVAT Looking for players (G) and backup players we are going Lite. Contact here @[email protected] @Janucek Or discord: LucePro#5402
  7. Yesterday
  8. 🟡 Nameless ⚫ is searching for players! (Core) We are searching for a backup or 50/50 goalie, left and right D and a right wing Contact here @riegel29, @MarciMerc_TTV, @Palawatsch or discord (xRiegel68 #6071)
  9. Free G ECL Lite /Pro https://sportsgamer.gg/players/27#nhl dc :Asche#1510
  10. Sportsgamers, We present you a new iteration of the Western European Championship League for your summer, pre-august competition with your fellow neighbors, this time with a little extra. The idea of the league will be to mantain the WECL 3 format, with similar (we hope better for everyone) dates and rules. This time, we will be opening up 5 spots for teams from foreign regions that have participated and NOT promoted from ECL Neo in ’23 – Spring. In order to keep the league played in the central server, these 5 teams can only come from the GCL or the CSCL, so basically German, Czech and Slovakian teams competing in ECL Neo. The idea is to serve these 5 spots as first come - first serve, but in order to ensure variety between GCL and CSCL, we may manually pick the teams that make the cut. The dates we're currently thinking of are a start around June 21st when the ECL Pro ends, with our finals happening right before august. Besides the 5 open spots to fill and spice up the league, our foreign player rules will be unchanged from a, we believe, successful set of maximum 2 foreign* players, out of which none have competed in ECL '23 Elite - Winter or Spring. The default server for WECL games will continue to be the central server, unless both teams agree to play in a different one. Your team can not be forced (by your opponent) to play in a different server than central. At the moment we want this league to remain free of license cost. And as such, we will offer no prize pool either. In the next weeks we will finalize the calendar. As mentioned, we want the league to finish no later than July. *Am I a foreign player to the WECL? Players from: Sweden, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia are foreign to the WECL. A maximum of 2 players from these countries, that have not participated in ECL '23 Elite - Winter or Spring, can be registered for each team. 🏆WECL 3 champions: Nottingham Panthers HC 🤴WECL 3 top point scorer: AdriF_23 (82) 🎯WECL 3 top goal scorer: AdriF_23 (40) ⭐WECL 3 top point scorer (Playoffs): MartindalexC (46) See all stats in league archive->
  11. Dark Wild (lite qual) Looking for backup (F/D). We cannot guarantee Ecl games but you will get normal club games. Contact me here or psn: Juhaniz-
  12. Команда Прогресс для участия в ЕЦЛ ищет игроков на следующие позиции: - правый защитник - Игроки запаса по всем позициям The Progress team for participation in the ECL is looking for players for the following positions: - RD - Backup players for all positions Наш состав: kashtan_v Kibk_RuZaKuZa hanurik_63 MycTau Igor__Est The_Count81 Oknetadrom_
  13. Last week
  14. Vadelma looking player/players for Ecl Spring Lite 50/50 G LD/F? Backup (alround?) contact me here or psn: Awesome_Zone_ prefer suomi finland perkele
  15. Free LD for ECL Lite , Pro. PSN: Punisher_Plays Discord : Punisher_Plays#9367 https://sportsgamer.gg/players/1846#nhl
  16. Free backup player for next ecl, division does not matter. Because of my travel job, i can at this time play only thursday-sunday. Can play any pos but g contact here or psn: jamoyy https://sportsgamer.gg/players/3054#nhl
  17. PS4 Puolelta etsin aktiivista joukkuetta tulevaan kauteen pelaan OL mutta KH menee myös. 1 div on tullut pelailtua Psn: Jonttu74
  18. SportsGamers, Tonight we'll be kicking off the GCL9 Finals with a banger of a series! ZSC Esports and the Deadly Phantoms will be battling it out this week with games 1-3 tonight, followed by the rest of the series next week. Will the ZSC Esports secure their first "threepeat" or will the Deadly Phantoms back on top in the DACH community? Who do you think will hoist the trophy? ZSC Esports (1) vs. Deadly Phantoms (2) (written by @OGjahajaha)   TOP SCORER (Playoffs) Kevin @Keuschemisch Berg 8 GP, 16+34=50 vs. Felix @ProfaneKiss Kiss 12 GP, 19+10=29 GOALTENDER (Playoffs) Alex @IDangledYouOut(I_Alex28_I) Wagner 8 GP, 8 W, 89,16 SV%, 1.13 GAA, 2 SO vs. Patrick @RPH_31 Braun 5 GP, 3 W, 77,36 SV%, 2.4 GAA, 0 SO REGULAR SEASON RECORD 14-0-0 vs. 10-1-3 PLAYOFF RECORD 8-0-0 vs. 8-2-2   For the fourth consecutive time we are seeing ZSC Esports and Deadly Phantoms clash in the GCL finals! While the former German juggernaut of the Phantoms secured five consecutive titles (from GCL2 to GCL6), the Swiss Lions will be keen on crowning themselves back-to-back-to-back DACH champion for the first time. While ZSC Esports secured their spot in the finals with two comfortable sweeps against Deggendorfer SC Esports and Red Bull Munich Esports, the German outfit had to go through two tougher matchups. Beating DEG Esports in round 1 in five games and securing their final spot with a game 7 semifinals victory over Team NGU. Both teams are well-experienced and have faced each other many times in the German Championship League. We do not expect anything less than a tight and exciting series to finish this 9th GCL campaign. One of the most important factor for the success of each team will be consistency.    Community prediction: 4-3 ZSC Esports Community players-to-watch: Kevin @Keuschemisch Berg & Felix @ProfaneKiss Kiss   Just as last year, we are very proud that Alexander @BloodyLP Blattmann will present the German Championship League finals live on twitch.tv/sportsgamerdach. We are live at 20:50 CEST. Make sure to tune in! Play hard and smart!
  19. Free RD/G for upcoming ecl Contact here or psn: tontzau
  20. Fiilis Hockey Looking for one last piece to fill up our roster. Perfect fit would be a player who can play Goalie and some skater possession as well (D would be perfect). Role would be back up goalie + rotation player. But don't hesitate to contact us if you only play goalie or only as a skater. We are going to compete for Lite spot through the qualifiers. If you are interested, contact me here or PSN krapulantti for tryouts!
  21. Free Rw for Ecl😁 contact me here or psn: Allupekkaz
  22. Free C for upcoming tournaments. Playing almost every night so looking active team. https://sportsgamer.gg/players/11285#nhl Contact here or PSN: Puuha__pete1
  23. PS5 puolelta etsin joukkuetta. Kaikki pelipaikat paitsi maalivahti onnistuu. 1 div pelailtu ja pelaajan rank jotain 22-24k välillä.
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