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Found 4 results

  1. I_Eki_I is the winner of the 2018 NHL Gaming World Championship and $50 000 (twitch.tv/nhl) Our very own @Eki has won the first ever NHL Gaming World Championship! Eki, who was unbeaten through the European qualifiers and the European regional finals, showed that he really is the best 1vs1 NHL 18 player in the world at the moment, as he beat every single one of his opponents in the World Finals in Las Vegas. In the finals he met JrPens91 and he won the best-of-3 series 2-0 with the scores of 2-1 and 7-3. Huge congratulations to Eki and coach @plee999 for the success in the tournament. Also congratulations to @Artuzio for his great effort of making it into the top 6. A longer article will be published later. The results of the group stage in the World Finals (twitch.tv/nhl) The final results of the tournament (twitch.tv/nhl)
  2. The two European players to make it into the World Finals: I_Eki_I and Artuzio, being interviewed by Andrea Helfrich (twitch.tv/NHL) Hey NHLGamers, Tonight is the night when the NHL will be crowning the first ever champion of the NHL World Gaming Championship and in addition to the ultimate bragging rights, that person will be walking away $50 000 (roughly 43 000 €) richer! Not too shabby, eh? Our very own community members Arttu "@Artuzio" Mustila and Erik "@Eki" Tammenpää are representing Europe, after coming out on top in the European Regional Finals. In case you didn't see the behind the scenes footage and the interviews with the gentlemen after securing their spots in vegas, you can check out the video below: The six players playing in the 2018 Gaming World Championship Finals are Finnish players Erik ”I_Eki_I” Tammenpää and Arttu "Artuzio" Mustila, Canadians Nicola ”FoolX90” Bruna and Matthew ”YungGren” Grenier, and John Wayne ”JohnWaynee90” Casagranda and David ”JrPens91” Roebuck from the USA. The majority of people seem to have the opinion that the Canadians or Finns will come out on top of this, while the two representatives from the USA are expected to finish 5th and 6th. And when we say the majority of people, we're of course referring to Twitter predictions. Most of the predictions put I_Eki_I, YungGren or Foolx90 on top. Predictions are only predictions, though, and whoever plays the best will come out on top at the end of the finals and we certainly can't wait to watch this thrilling display of talent tonight. The six finalists competing for the $50 000 main prize (picture credit: nhl.com/fans/gaming) The NHLGWC Finals will start tonight at 22:00 CEST and while we don't know the exact details of the schedule, we know that all players will face each other once and based on these games, the top two players will face each other in a best-of-3 final. That should provide us with plenty of exciting gameplay and what we assume will be a long stream of NHL Gaming action. Read more about the NHLGWC competitors elsewhere: NHL.com interview with all of the finalists Ilta-Sanomat interview with I_Eki_I (Finnish) Ilta-Sanomat interview with Artuzio (Finnish) The stakes for the games played are high - there's a lot of money on the line! (twitch.tv/NHL) While we are generally speaking very unbiased here at NHLGamer, we would like to wish the best of luck to our community members @Artuzio and @Eki! Get that championship guys! Let us know your predictions in the comments below! PS: We're pretty sure @plee999, coaching I_Eki_I, is the best dressed coach at the event Be sure to check out the finals embedded below or by visiting the official NHL Twitch page today, Tuesday June 19th, tarting at 22:00 CEST:
  3. NHLGamers! As of today, the European online qualifiers for the NHL Gaming World Championship 2018 are over and we have very exciting news to share. All eight regional finalists are part of the NHLGamer community! Best wishes are going out to: @Hansulinho (Xbox Live: Hansulinho) - EU XBOX #1 bracket winner @plee999 (Xbox Live: PleeMaker) - EU XBOX #1 bracket runner-up @Erkki (PSN: I_Eki_I) - EU PS4 #1 bracket winner @FlyerKungen (PSN: FlyerKungen) - EU PS4 #1 bracket runner-up @Kane (Xbox Live: Kaneyh) - EU XBOX #2 bracket winner @Nieppii (Xbox Live: Nieppi) - EU XBOX #2 bracket runner-up @Darkic01 (PSN: Darkic01) - EU PS4 #2 bracket winner @Artuzio (PSN: Artuzio) - EU PS4 #2 bracket runner-up The European Region Finals will take place in Stockholm, Sweden at Viasat Studios on May 6th, from which the winner and runner-up will be invited to the World Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 19th to compete against the best players from Canada and the USA, who will be represented by two players each as well. If you don't know what the NHL Gaming World Championship is about, read up on it in our previous news story! Good luck everyone - the entire NHLGamer community will be rooting for you!
  4. There is still one month to go when irl NHL starts, but I like to hear our community voice of which team will hoist the Stanley Cup in year 2018?
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