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ECL '23 Winter: Core registrations are now open!

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It's time to get another great season of ECL action going, and this time the stakes have been upped even more! The ECL Core division will serve as a stepping stone for your team into competitive virtual hockey in the best company around. Join the action now for lots of fun and memorable moments along the way!

We have now launched the registration for the Core division of ECL '23 Winter. This article will feature all the information you need about participating and includes all the eligible teams. If you haven’t read our general information yet, we suggest you head over to our ECL ’23 Winter information article.





This league is for those teams that are already familiar with the NHL game series and competitive play. The division features a full regular season with best-of-seven playoffs and a prize pool totalling up to 3500€. The Core division requires a team license of 100€ and can be purchased with a one time payment by the team captain.

  • ECL Core: 128 teams
  • Sign up without restrictions (but capped at 128)
  • Regular season: 8 groups of 16
  • Playoffs:
    • 64 teams
    • Best-of-7
  • Gamedays:
    • Tuesday
    • Thursday
    • Sunday





ECL ‘23: Winter - Core Team License 
In order to play in ECL Core, the qualified teams need to purchase an ECL Core team license. Each player of the team also needs to have a valid ECL ‘23 Player License (see license description for backup exception).

License fees will be allocated to fund prize pools and developing operations, such as our broadcasts, live productions and promoting the league.

ECL '23 Winter: Core Schedule

  • Registration period: 14.11-8.12.2022
  • Regular Season: 13.12.2022-19.1.2023
  • RO32: 22.-26.1.2023
  • RO16: 29.1-2.2.2023
  • Quarterfinals: 5.-9.2.2023
  • Semifinals: 12.-16.2.2023
  • Finals: 19.-23.2.2023



*If you're an existing team that wants to change names, simply sign up with the old name and contact support for the name change. If you're having issues with signing up overall, please contact support.

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