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ECL '23 Winter: Pro registrations are now open!

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It's time to get another great season of ECL action going, and this time the stakes have been upped even more! With up to 27 000€ in the prize pool across all divisions, now is the time to register your team for one of the biggest events of the NHL esports season!

We have now launched the registration for the Pro division of ECL '23 Winter. This article will feature all the information you need about participating and includes all the eligible teams. If you haven’t read our general information yet, we suggest you head over to our ECL ’23 Winter information article.





ECL Winter Pro features a full regular season and best-of-seven playoffs. This season, the prize pool for the Pro division is 5500€. The ECL '23 Winter License is 300€ for each team.

  • ECL Pro: 32 teams
  • Sign up: ECL Pro eligible teams
    • Open spots will be decided based on Qualifiers
  • Regular season: Two groups
  • Playoffs:
    • 16 teams
    • Best-of-7
  • Gamedays:
    • Monday
    • Tuesday
    • Thursday





ECL Pro License
In order to play in ECL Pro, the qualified teams need to purchase an ECL Pro team license. Each player of the team also needs to have a valid ECL ‘23 Player License.

License fees will be allocated to fund prize pools and developing operations, such as our broadcasts, live productions and promoting the league.


ECL '23 Winter: Pro Schedule

  • Registration period: 14.-30.11.2022
  • Qualifiers: 24.11.-7.12.2022
  • Regular Season: 12.2.2022-16.1.2023
  • RO16: 19.-24.1.2023
  • Quarterfinals: 26.-31.1.2023
  • Semifinals: 2.-7.2.2023
  • Finals: 12.-14.2.2023



*If you're an existing team that wants to change names, simply sign up with the old name and contact support for the name change. If you're having issues with signing up overall, please contact support


The following teams are eligible to register the Pro division:

Elite 14 HV71
Elite 15 Stargazing
Elite 16 IQUE
Pro 3  HanaaHC
Pro 5 Renascor
Pro 6 Herlev Eagles
Pro 8 Sulkavan Sudet
Pro 9 Deadly Phantoms
Pro 10 Sinister
Pro 11 Hokurit
Pro 12 VISU Gaming
Pro 13 Tohtorit
Pro 14 Be a Bro
Pro 15 Geekz Energy eSports
Pro 17 Golden Nights
Pro 18 Bjorkloven Esport
Pro 19 Nemesis
Pro 20 Powerhouse HC
Pro 21 GIFU Hockey
Pro 22 WannaCry
Lite 🥇 Synergy Hockey
Lite 🥈 Valco
Lite 🥉 IK Oskarshamn
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