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ECL '23 Winter: 1v1 registrations are now open!

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With the new ECL season at the doorstep, we are happy to announce the first-ever 1v1 ECL. In true ECL fashion, this league is for all the best European gamers to test their skills against their peers, and ultimately compete for a great prize pool and the European Championship League title. 

We have now launched the registration for ECL '23 Winter 1v1. This article will feature all the information you need about participating. If you haven’t read our general information yet, we suggest you head over to our ECL ’23 Winter information article.





ECL 1v1 is for players who want to test their skills against the best of the best in competitive play. The ECL 1v1 Winter season features four qualifiers, leading to group play with the top 128 players of these qualifiers involved. The top 64 of the group stage will continue to determine the best of the best in the best-of-three playoffs with a prize pool totaling 2500€. Taking part in the ECL 1v1 seasons requires the purchase of the ECL '23 Player License.




ECL ‘23 Player License 

Playing in the ECL '23 Winter 1v1 requires a player license. The ECL ‘23 Player License allows for participation in both the ECL 6v6 and 1v1 leagues for the full ECL ‘23 year including both the ECL ‘23 Winter and Spring leagues. This license will grant you access to compete in the most prestigious and biggest competitive NHL esports league in Europe. An ECL season spans over the course of two to three months and guarantees a minimum of roughly 20 games of competition on the 6v6 side*, whereas the 1v1 league adds - at the very least - the opportunity to participate in four single-elimination qualifier events that are used to qualify the top 128 players that move forward to the group stage.

*Based on the minimum amount of games played in a starting role in the ECL '22 Spring: Core regular season.

On the 6v6 side, ECL Neo will continue being available at no team license fee for teams wishing to get a taste of competitive virtual hockey, whereas all other divisions are subject to a team license fee. The license is exponentially higher at higher levels of competition, given the increased spotlight and additional content around the divisions in question.

License fees will be allocated to fund prize pools and developing operations, such as our broadcasts, live productions and promoting the league.

ECL '23 Winter: 1v1 Schedule

Qualifier 1

  • Sign up period
    • 15.-25.11.2022
  • Qualifiers (BO1)
    • Saturday 26.11.
      • RO512: 16:00CET
      • RO256: 17:00CET
      • RO128: 18:00CET
      • RO64: 18:30CET
      • RO32: 19:00CET
    • Sunday 27.11.
      • RO16: 15:00CET
      • RO8: 15:30CET
      • RO4: 16:00CET
      • RO2: 16:30CET

Qualifier 2

  • Sign up period
    • 15.- 2.12.2022
  • Qualifiers (BO1)
    • Saturday 3.12.
      • RO512: 16:00CET
      • RO256: 17:00CET
      • RO128: 18:00CET
      • RO64: 18:30CET
      • RO32: 19:00CET
    • Sunday 4.12.
      • RO16: 15:00CET
      • RO8: 15:30CET
      • RO4: 16:00CET
      • RO2: 16:30CET

Qualifier 3

  • Sign up period
    • 15.-9.12.2022
  • Qualifiers (BO1)
    • Saturday 10.12.
      • RO512: 16:00CET
      • RO256: 17:00CET
      • RO128: 18:00CET
      • RO64: 18:30CET
      • RO32: 19:00CET
    • Sunday 11.12
      • RO16: 15:00CET
      • Quarterfinals: 15:30CET
      • Semifinals: 16:00CET
      • Finals: 27.11. 16:30CET

Qualifier 4

  • Sign up period
    • 15.11-16.12.2022
  • Qualifiers (BO1)
    • Saturday 17.12
      • RO512: 16:00CET
      • RO256: 17:00CET
      • RO128: 18:00CET
      • RO64: 18:30CET
      • RO32: 19:00CET
    • Sunday 18.12
      • RO16: 15:00CET
      • Quarterfinals: 15:30CET
      • Semifinals: 16:00CET
      • Finals: 16:30CET

TOP 128 Group Play (BO1)

  • Tuesday 27.12.
    • R1: 18:00
    • R2: 18:30
    • R3: 19:00
    • R4: 19:30
  • Thursday 29.12.
    • R5: 18:00
    • R6: 18:30
    • R7: 19:00
    • R8: 19:30
  • Friday 30.12.
    • R9: 18:00
    • R10: 18:30
    • R11: 19:00
    • R12: 19:30
  • Tuesday 3.1.
    • R13: 18:00
    • R14: 18:30
    • R15: 19:00

Playoffs (BO3)

  • Friday 6.1.
    • RO64: 18:00CET
    • RO32: 19:30CET
  • Sunday 8.1.
    • RO16: 15:00CET
    • Quarterfinals: 16:30CET
  • Friday 13.1.
    • Semifinals: 18:00CET
    • Finals: 20:00CET



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