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Free Agents NA - PlayStation

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Hey Everyone,

In this thread you can announce your availability to join a team. Below are some examples of things that you could potentially tell about yourself:

  • PSN ID
  • Position you want to play
  • Age
  • Where are you from
  • What level of play are you looking for
  • Where have you played before/achievements
  • Discord


Good luck!

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Psn SM1TTY2199

Age 20

Toronto ON

P1 LVL20

Position winger

Very skilled playmaker with lots of hockey IQ, huge morale guy in the game lobby. I like to have some fun with the boys in the lobby but just as much go out to play hard and compete come puck drop, currently playing on Gr8ness awaits but I don't feel I'm getting the playing time i deserve. Looking to be put on waivers so if anyone has an offer shoot me a msg! Have the app on my phone so I'll get back to you right away!

(Not gonna be stubborn and try to hold out for 8mil or anything, just wanna play with a team that can compete and go far in the playoffs!)

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Age: 20 

Foam Lake, Saskatchewan 

Position: LW/RW 

Always a positive guy in and outside of the lobby, high hockey IQ and very good penalty killer who doesn't turn the puck over often. Always trying to play games to improve chemistry and having a good time doing it.

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I right handed Defensive Defenceman natually but can adjust my offensive aggression to suite the team

I'm 25 next month From northern Ontario

Ive played religiously since 03

I'm layed off for until spring so I play alot

Im not Elite but for sure above average 

It would be cool to join a team and I dont have to do drop ins as much and deal with the trolls

I don't take it to serious though and my attitude towards everything could boost morale 

If you think I might be a go fit msg me

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  • Galley___
  • LD/RD I play can many different play types and styles. Primarily play as a speedy PMD (3v3) or bulky OFD (6v6) both as LD, if I play RD I usually settle into a more defensive role either DD or TWD but can do anything from either side. Righty shot
  • 23
  • Philly
  • Would love to try out for a high level team to see if I have what it takes
  • Just regular EASHL with the boys, won a few elite cups in our time
  • Galley#0159
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LW, C Playmaker


Sault Ste Marie Canada

I will play where ever just wanna get my feet in the door and see what options I have in the future

I have only played Club and got division 1 on 19 with some IRL but now looking for a better team that are willing to put in a lot of time to become the best

iZhu_ #3409


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  • PSN¬†ID: Bulldogger_22
  • Position you want to play: G
  • Age: 33
  • Where are you from: USA (Pacific Time Zone)
  • What level of¬†play are you looking for: I don‚Äôt mind starting anywhere but eventually going to the top.¬†
  • Where have you¬†played before/achievements: WCOHL, CHL
  • Discord: Bulldogger#8070
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  • iRSPe changed the title to Free Agents NA - PlayStation
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