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Found 3 results

  1. It would be a pretty good idea, saying this as a podcaster for the last 4 years. To have a audio or a show of some sort dedicated to just this. I don't know what you guys think but it was just an idea. I hit 43 countries and I think to get the word out even more will help this site on this league on another scale possibly. Any ideas? Or do you think this is no good? This is my show and the link is Below, so have no fear "Unit Killer X" is here. Click on the link you see appear at the bottom of this description and maybe I will mention you in my next show, if so I deem you worthy of my attention. Otherwise scroll on by, because you stepped into the mind of one of a kind. Particularly claimed most crazy, or should I say Insanity at its finest. But if you do click I must forewarn you. This may be lethal for your mental capacity for understanding different parts of humanity. Also 18 years or older explicit content in every order, for this show may take you down a dark path of torment and dark forms of me torture. Portray your self well before saying negative things about my post. Because I stand it well. And when I hear the bell. I will stand it, even when I'm burning in hell. 💯 Sincerely Jimmy James https://anchor.fm/thejimmyjamesshowa-z
  2. Hey, my account has had some technical issues lately, but its all fine now. Im really excited to hear that there is a lot of support for these type of videos, and I will do my best to live up to all the hype and expectations. My purpouse with this topic is to create another place where the community can share all their best goals and saves from the ECL. The way to do this is to post your video links below in the comment section, or send them directly to me @Danielcadabra. In addition to the long article posted earlier, I have also made a short video tutorial using SHAREfactory that hopefully explains the basics for what type of replays we are looking for, and how you can upload and share them with us. If you still have questions feel free to comment below, or send me a message @Danielcadabra
  3. Introduction Hey, some of you know me as a goalie since earlier. I'm currently with SKY this season, and I played with TUW, VSH, and XF during my 3 ECL seasons here, but only a few know that I enjoy creating highlight videos on YouTube as well. It all started about 2 years ago, and since then I have tried coming up with new ways to improve my editing technique, and now I'm ready to take it one step further. What probably separates my videos from a lot of other gameplay videos, is how I always try give them an authentic feeling, and I will try use that in this project as well. But enough about me - let's move on to the important stuff. After talking with the NHLGamer Staff, and going through all kinds of details, I'm happy to announce our new Top Plays project for this ECL Season. We will be uploading Top Plays videos on YouTube featuring the very best goals and saves from all our divisions. What type of replays? The most common replay to capture when playing is obviously your live feed, but there is also an option to watch your highlights during the intermission, or after the game, and this replay will be just as important. The small replay screen will display the selected highlight from all kinds of camera angles (see image below). Once you have captured the best and most authentic camera angles, save the replay, and it will eventually come alive using screen capture. Goals However the replay screen only captures about the last 4-5 seconds, meaning the build-up play to a goal might get lost. Thats why we want to combine the live feed of the goal, with the after game replay. Live feed Replay Screen Saves The save will most likely always be at the end of the highlight, so here we dont have the same problem. Therefore we will only use the replay screen to capture a save. Replay Screen Below is a proof of concept video with some saves (please ignore the ugly overlay texts ): How do I share my video? Of course there is the matter of uploading the highlight as well. The key here is to make the upload process available and simple for everyone. So after looking over the different sharing options, we have decided that YouTube is our best option. This will require a YouTube account, but its free, and simple enough to setup, if you don't already have one. In addition to sharing your single replay directly to YouTube, we also recommend using a program called SHAREfactory. It's free, and can be easily downloaded on your PS4. This allows you to add several clips into one video, edit and cut any irrelevant parts and then upload it to YouTube. Meaning you don't have to upload a new YouTube video for every highlight. When uploading to YouTube the title should contain the following: "(Type_Gamertag_Year_Month_Day"). For example ("Save_Danielcadabra_2017-02-07") This way its simple to keep track of who did what, and when. Once your video is up on YouTube, send me a message here @Danielcadabra, preferably containing a link to the video, or the name of your channel. As soon as I have captured the video, I will send a confirmation, and then you can feel free to remove it. Alternatively, you can of course also send me a link to a higher quality file that you have uploded. Vision At this point I have no idea of what to expect exactly, but I'm excited to get the word out, and hopefully this project gets lots of hype from all of you in the community. Feel free to ask any questions and leave feedback. Want to create and share your own videos? If you want to create your own videos and share them with the community, don't be afraid to approach myself or @Kenu and we can look at getting more content up for the community and fans all over the world. Take a look at this fantastic video created by @FIN_Potilas about his ECL Elite team Rynnäkköviikset: We here at NHLGamer absolutely love this type of videos, so keep them coming! We will also be introducing a logo package that can be used by media and video makers, to make sure you get the best quality official images into these videos in the future. That's all for now - let's make this happen!
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