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    Sign up for ECL '22 Spring now!


    The sun is shining, and the snow is melting. As your traditional hockey seasons might be pushing towards the postseason, on the virtual side of things, we're just about to witness the Elite Finale tonight! We're very excited for what the games ahead will hold, but we're also turning our heads towards the ECL '22 Spring season and launching registrations for all divisions.

    For the ECL '22 Winter season, we brought in licenses to our lower divisions for the first time. We received huge support from the community and will continue with the same formula for the ECL '22 Spring season. We're always in the process of developing further, so all feedback will be welcomed with open arms.

    During the ECL '22 Winter season, you probably also noticed our rebrand, which brought a new name, a refreshed website, and some other added features. Most importantly, this allows for us to operate vertically across all sports games in the esports market.

    The community is certainly also interested to know on which console the ECL Spring will be played? We’ve decided that the ECL '22 Spring season will be played on the PlayStation 4 version and we’ll move to the PlayStation 5 version in the next ECL. However, this does not exclude playing other tournaments on the PlayStation 5 version already in the summer.

    Without further ado, let's go into it.


    The ECL is the pinnacle of European NHL esports  - a league where all the best European NHL gamers create teams and compete against each other in the game mode EASHL (6v6) for the title of Best EASHL Team in Europe. The league currently features five divisions, so action is guaranteed for everyone regardless of skill level and experience!


    Basic information/requirements of ECL:

    • Regional restrictions: ECL is a European tournament format, however, we do not necessarily exclude North American or Russian players. A European server will always be used. In case of severe connection issues, we reserve the right to exclude teams or players.
    • 6v6 tournament: ECL is played 6 vs. 6 only, using the EASHL Challenge Club game mode in NHL 22.
    • Individual requirements: Each player needs to have an account at NHLGamer.com and create their personal player card.
    • Roster requirements: Teams in ECL Elite need to have at least 7 players to sign up. Teams in ECL Pro, ECL Lite, ECL Core and ECL Neo need to have at least 8 players to sign up. The roster cap is 14 players.
    • ECL licenses: Teams in ECL Elite & ECL Pro will be require their respective ECL '22 Spring license in order to play. Optional licenses are available for the ECL Lite and Core levels. More details below.
    • Rules: The ECL '22 Spring ruleset will follow the same foundation as in ECL '22 Winter season.


    • Wildcard Battle: 5.-10.3. ⚠️
    • ECL Lite Qualifier: 5.-13.3. ⚠️
    • ECL Pro Qualifier: 5.-13.3. ⚠️
    • ECL Neo: 5.3.-1.4.
    • ECL Core: 5.3.-1.4.
    • ECL Lite: 5.-20.3.
    • ECL Pro: 5.-20.3.
    • ECL Elite: 5.-20.3.

    * Sign-ups will close 23:59 CET on the last day mentioned unless otherwise specified. Additionally, players qualifying for the Wildcard spot must be on the team roster by the time the sign-ups close.


    Below you'll find the condensed version of what's new this year in the ECL. For a longer look, please read our article about the new era of ECL. 

    ECL Winter & Spring

    • ECL seasons will no longer carry the same numerical distinctions next to them as before. Instead, NHLGamer will be hosting two annual ECL seasons: ECL Winter and ECL Spring.
    • The combined prize pools for ECL Winter, ECL Spring and the ECL Grand Finals will be larger than anything seen before in NHL esports!
    • We’ll be hosting an ECL Grand Final – with an additional prize pool – to crown the annual ECL Champion. This much-anticipated best-of-seven event will feature the ECL Elite teams who won ECL Winter and ECL Spring, respectively. 


    Prize pools for ECL Pro, Lite and Core

    • ECL Elite remains the pinnacle of virtual hockey gaming in Europe but as our community continues to grow and the competition becomes increasingly tougher, playing in ECL Pro, Lite and Core is more prestigious than ever before.
    • We’ll be adding a license and prize pool for our second-tier division; ECL Pro – and voluntary licenses and prize pools for ECL Lite and Core.
    • ECL Pro will feature a mandatory license fee and prize pool. All the money from the team licenses goes into the prize pool. The top sixteen (16) out of the divisions’ 32 teams will be awarded a share of the prize pool.
    • ECL Lite and Core will feature a voluntary license fee and a prize pool for the teams who choose to acquire a license. The top 16 teams that choose to acquire a license in ECL Lite (64 teams) will be awarded a share of the prize pool. The top 32 teams that choose to acquire a license in ECL Core (128 teams) will be awarded a share of the prize pool.


    See more about licenses in our Licenses section.



    The divisions framework for the ECL '22 Spring will follow the same logic as for the previous season. We will have a total of five divisions with the following team allocation: Elite 16 teams, Pro 32 teams, Lite 64 teams, Core 128 teams and Neo 32+ teams.


    Please use the below links for more detailed info about each division and which teams are eligible to sign up:



    *If you're an existing team that wants to change names, simply sign up with the old name and contact support for the name change. If you're having issues with signing up overall, please contact support.


    Don't have a team yet? Team looking for additions to your roster?

    If you are a free agent looking to be picked up, please head over here.

    If you are representing a team looking for players, please head over here.

    Did your team sign with an organization that is represented in the game and needs in-game unlocks?

    Fill in this form. (Only if your organization has unlockables available in NHL 22)


    Social media

    Here's an update to the social media instructions. Our sponsors this season are Kouvolan Lakritsi, Wilhelm & St Hockey.


    When posting tweets of your lineups, matchups, recaps, clips, articles - or any other content you might want to create - please make sure to tag the following accounts and hashtag: 



    When posting on Instagram, please make sure to tag the following accounts and hashtag: 


    Note: It is super helpful and critical for us to succeed in getting our partners tagged, so they get the necessary mentions and interaction to validate their participation in the future. That being said, it is understandable that there may be circumstances due to your other partners where you are unable to tag competition etc. Your support is appreciated.

    As there are quite a few hashtags by now, especially from a Twitter perspective with limited characters, we recommend using at least #ECL22Winter in the text part of the tweet and leave the sponsor tags for the end. If you need to cut out tags, remove #esports and #NHL22. For Instagram this shouldn't be an issue.

    PS: We would love for you to follow our social channels, as they are an integral part of the ECL season.

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    Inscriptions too close, those who have progressed in the core playoffs do not have the time to replace the starting players and to train with the new ones, as long as they are in time, and not even a week off after playing for weeks, incomprehensible and too much forced! Absurd

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    Does any other team have problem with sign up, for me its all white screen after i click division, or am i just säkki🤔

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