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    First ever NHL 23 6v6 World Finals to be organized in February 2023

    The NHL esports winter season brings some exciting times for our community. This winter, SportsGamer will host the first-ever 6v6 NHL Esports World Finals, where the reigning ECL '23 Winter Champion will be taking on the reigning North American Champion!

    Both the ECL '23 Winter season and the next NACL season will be played leading up to the World Finals, so the stakes are now higher than ever before.


    The first-ever 6v6 World Finals will take place on February 25th at Assembly Winter 2023 in Helsinki. This will be the first time in NHL esports history a European team faces off against a North American team in a live setting. History will be made and one team will gain the right to call themselves the 2023 NHL 6v6 World Champions.

    What is the ECL?

    The ECL is the pinnacle of European NHL esports  - a league where all the best European NHL gamers compete against each other in both EASHL (6v6) and Online Versus (1v1) for European Championship League titles. ECL v6 currently features five divisions, so enjoyable games are guaranteed for everyone regardless of skill level and experience!

    Sign-ups are open until December 8, 2022 - read more

    What is the NACL?

    The NACL is our North American counterpart to our longest running league - the ECL. With two seasons of experience in the North American market in the rearview, we have taken a step back and evaluated our successes and shortcomings for a new and improved approach. NACL offers 6v6 competition for both Xbox and PlayStation teams in order to secure a possibility for everyone to participate. 

    Sign-ups are open until December 8, 2022 - read more

    About SportsGamer

    SportsGamer is deeply rooted in the EA Sports NHL series and has built a strong community around the game. In recent years, the platform has branched out into other sports gaming titles, all the while staying true to its roots. Some of SportsGamer's most notable products include the European Championship League, and several national leagues revolving around the NHL game series. 

    Stay tuned for announcements regarding our upcoming events in the next few weeks.


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