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    ECL '24: Winter - Lite Finals Preview


    ECL '24: Winter - Lite Finals Previews

    logo-hexa-esports-final-1080x1080_202310 HEXA eSports (3)  vs Bone Breakers (2) BoB Keltainen uusi teksti NHLGAM

    As the ECL '24: Winter - Lite Finals approach, the anticipation for the showdown between HEXA Esports and Bone Breakers reaches a fever pitch. Both teams have been on a tear since the start of the season, and their paths now converge in what promises to be a classic finals clash.

    HEXA Esports, after a commanding first-place finish in Group 1 and a stellar #3 seed entry into the playoffs, has been the epitome of French eHockey excellence. Their journey to the finals, marked by a 16W-2L record, has been impressive, with their only losses being closely fought one-goal games in the semifinals. @AdriF_23 has been a tour de force for HEXA, finishing 4th in regular-season scoring with an impressive 92 points (46+46), and continuing his sharp scoring pace into the playoffs. The team’s offensive output has been a collective effort, with every forward notching over 40 points in just 18 games.

    However, HEXA's key to success isn't solely in their smart offensive plays; their defensive game has been just as crucial. They boasted the best penalty kill rate in the Lite regular season, tied with Technical Disaster, at a formidable 91.68% PK. This defensive solidity allows them to confidently engage in "high risk-high reward" plays, knowing their shorthanded game can withstand the pressure. The trust in their penalty killing extends to their goaltender @x-Ne057, who has anchored the defense with top-five finishes in save percentage, GAA, shutouts, and most wins during the playoffs.

    The defensive prowess of HEXA is further bolstered by their starting defensemen pair, @ThomC15 and @Tromi13, who are not just one-dimensional; They lead the D-men stats in points, plus/minus, and blocked shots, making them a cornerstone of HEXA's fantastic postseason run.


    On the other side of the rink, Bone Breakers have shown they are an offensive behemoth. @x-_-BoBi-_-x, with a breathtaking 97 points (47+50) in the regular season and an aggressive play that led them to top their group, has been a scoring machine. Supported by @Valee__, who tallied 84 points (27+57), they've created an offense that has consistently overwhelmed their opponents. The Bone Breakers will undoubtedly test HEXA's disciplined defense with their scoring prowess.

    Despite their offensive orientation, Bone Breakers have not neglected their defensive duties either, as seen in the regular season with a goals-against average of just 1.91. The goaltending of @rransu, with an 83.99% save rate and a 1.75 GAA, will be pivotal against HEXA's multifaceted attack.


    The ECL Lite Finals stage is set for a colossal battle of style and strategy. HEXA Esports' balanced and strategic gameplay, characterized by stellar defense and disciplined offense, will collide with the Bone Breakers' high-octane attack and robust goaltending. With both teams boasting remarkable records and a lineup of star players, these finals are shaping up to be something you will want to watch from start to finish. As fans from the eHockey community eagerly await, one question remains: which team will execute their game plan to perfection and emerge as the ECL '24: Winter - Lite Champions? The answer awaits in what promises to be a thrilling conclusion to the season.

    Pekedipeks prediction: Bone Breakers 4-3
    ChatGPT Prediction: HEXA Esports to win 4-3.

    The ChatGPT prediction favors HEXA Esports, banking on their superior defense and penalty kill to edge out the high-scoring Bone Breakers in a nail-biting 4-3 series win. May the best team win!

    How to follow the Finals

    • Monday, February 19, 21:15 CET - Games 1-3
    • Tuesday, February 20, 21:15 CET - Games 4-7


    Join our broadcast team on Monday and Tuesday at 21:15 CET to enjoy the complete series live at https://www.twitch.tv/sportsgamergg

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    We wish all teams the best of luck!


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