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    ECL '24: Spring - Pro Season Preview

    This week we've launched the newest season of the biggest eHockey tournament in all of Europe. A lot of you (and us!) have been waiting for the season to start and now the wait is over, so fire up those smartphones, laptops, and gaming consoles and start playing and watching the action! In this preview we’ll take a look at a few teams and of course, a few individuals who will be playing in the second-highest tier of the European Championship League ladder, which is the highly coveted ECL Pro.


    Group 1

    Teams to challenge for the title:

    Herlev_Eagles_500x500.png Herlev Eagles

    This team has taken large strides from a few years back when they scraped to make the playoffs in the Pro division, after playing Elite qualifiers just a few days ago and not quite making it must be a bitter feeling, but the Eagles are back and ready to challenge for the title with Danish superstar Vibholm leading the way in offense! 

    Player to watch: @vibholm10

    C5BB6820-755E-436F-9555-9AE6F5CE3DA0_202 Mustaa Kultaa

    Another team that almost made it to Elite. This should come as no surprise as former Lite Champions are making a push for the title. With a good mix of young talent and long-time Pro veterans in their team, this squad can make some noise this season.

    Player to watch: @LatveX

    Team to make the playoffs:


    With a change in scenery for this team it parts ways with its long-time sponsor RCTIC, the team stays together for another year, always seems to make the playoffs, and challenges those top teams in Pro and Elite.

    Player to watch: @Limbe65

    Team on the line:

    nova500x500_20230321-174942.png NOVA

    This Russian lead team made some noise last season with the number 8 seed and playing well in the 1st round of the playoffs. With big praise from last year's winning team Gotham, this team needs this push to get a better seed than last year.

    Player to watch: @Nester4343

    Relegation battle:

    1E53645A-7A2D-4F7D-9E9F-B8F91C4FB0C6-rem Neptune Hockey

    This team seems to find a new division from time to time, hopefully they can stick it to this washed up writer, and make a push for the playoffs. Neptune has struggled in the Pro division most years and this year is no exception, this team can not seem to string together enough wins to push for playoffs.

    Player to watch: @Zeikmaar

    Dark Horse:


    With a good-looking run in the eHockey SM (Finnish Championships) this year, Vizio has made some noise with beating some good teams this offseason and not solely relying on their captain to win them some games, but if they can't find that eHockey SM form, it can be a long season for them.

    Player to watch: @Jetsu28

    Group 2

    Teams to challenge for the title:

    Poggers_20231105-102007.png POGGERS

    With a few seasons surviving in Elite, they couldnt battle Björklöven for a spot this year, former Pro champions can make a lot of teams unhappy with their veteran players still shining. Look for this team to want to make it back next season.

    Player to watch: @JaKurrii

    Sodertalje_SK.png.13664e3d93be108bd46c18 Södertälje SK

    With a new roster formed, they have that something, that flair you look for in teams that go far in the playoffs, with captain @svetidaje getting busy in the offseason and recruiting far and wide, this could be their year if they can find chemistry on the ice.

    Player to watch: @amadee21


    Team to make the playoffs:

    ECL8%20Pro%20-%20Supernatural_20210418-1 Supernatural

    A team with an interesting past, saying this team has had its ups and downs is an understatement. But now they seem to have found a nice-looking roster with good players in all positions, they can surprise a lot of teams with how they approach this new season.

    Player to watch: @MrNipsuli


    Team on the line:


    With a team as legendary as this, it’s going to be a coin toss if this team makes the playoffs this season. A difficult group with a lot of experience, and their reliance on a guy that everyone knows, can make it difficult to get those important wins they need.

    Player to watch: @NuariJamal

    Relegation battle:

    IceScream2_yellow_20231123-092419.pngIce Scream

    While looking at a lot of talent in group 2, this team will find it very difficult to scrap together points this season, with not a lot of experience in the Pro division they will be looking to make some magic happen to avoid relegation.
    Player to watch: @TeemuUnderdawg


    Dark Horse:


    One might say this team has all the talent in the world to make it to the playoffs, even make a run for the title, some might say this team has a tendency to choke when games get tough, this experienced team will have to avoid a rollercoaster season, but look for them to steal some points from the top teams.

    Player to watch: @Roisto999

    Do you agree with the predictions, or did the writer miss the net?

    What are your predictions for how the season will go? Let us know in the comments!

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